August 28, 2018 Hope Gilbreath

Using an ecig and vape can be fun. But there are a couple of do’s and don’ts that you should know. This is the best way to ensure that you are going to get the most out of vaping. And, you will know how to limit your vaping risks. This is recommended that you are getting all the information about vaping before you can vape for the first time. This is why these do’s and don’ts are so important. It will assist you in getting all the necessary information about vaping:

You should do experiment with flavors

There are really a lot of different flavors and different vape mod kits that you can experiment with. And, you should experiment before you decide which one is going to be best for you. There are different flavors. Some people prefer one flavor, while other people might like a completely another flavor. So, before you decide to stick to the flavor that your friends are vaping, you should make sure that you are testing another ecig and different flavors.

Don’t combine different manufacturer’s products

It can be dangerous to combine different manufacturers products. The different chemicals that they are using can cause your flavor to become really dangerous. You can mix up different flavors to create your own flavor, as long as they are all coming from the same manufacturer.

You should also try to keep the ecig that you are using with the flavors that you are purchasing from the same manufacturer. Then, you will know that you will not put yourself in danger.

You should also make sure about the rules and regulations of vaping in your workplace

Just because you are vaping instead of smoking, it doesn’t mean that you can do it in your workplace now, and not in the smoking area. Before you are getting into trouble, you should make sure that you know the rules and regulations about using your ecig in your workplace.

Most of the places are still going to require you to vape in the smoking area. It is better to make sure about the rules and regulations before you decide to vape in the workplace.

Don’t think that you can now vape anywhere because you aren’t smoking

It doesn’t matter if you are at work, in town or at a public place. There are rules and regulations about smoking in these places. And, if you don’t want to get into trouble, this is something that you should consider.

You can’t think that because you are using your vape, that you aren’t smoking and that the smoking rule doesn’t apply to you. There are many of these public places that are saying that vaping and smoking is one and the same thing.

These are really important do’s and don’ts about vaping. Things that will make it easier to know as much about vaping as possible. With know all these things, you will have the best vaping experience, and you will know when and where you are allowed to use your ecig.…

February 26, 2018 Hope Gilbreath

The electronic cigarette is known as E-cigs. It is a battery-operated device that looks like the real cigarette. E-cig is the safest way to stop smoking, but it is bad for beginners who just start smoking. Several hundreds of brands are marketed as a way to fix nicotine without cigarettes danger. They all have a filled container with a liquid made of nicotine, flavorings, and some chemicals. E-cig has its own heating device that turns the liquid to vapor in order to respire it when you have a drag “this is called vaping.”

Health Risks of E-cig

Nicotine being one of the primary constituents of E-cig liquids is an additive found in cigarettes. Reports have shown nicotine is not healthy for people with cardiovascular issues like heart attack, and arteriosclerosis. E-cig has an effect on the developing brains of kids, affecting memory and attention. Right here are some of the health risks associated with E-cig.

Impairment of lung function

Inhalation of smokes from vaping can induce irritation of the lungs. Pollutants which triggers a cough that won’t go away cause this and may lead to bronchitis. Bronchitis might cause wheezing, brings up mucus that is thick, and are known as Phlegm. People who make use e-cig in the past may likely have chronic bronchitis and Asthma.

Cancer formation

Exposures to toxins from vaping like nicotine, carbon monoxide, and heavy metals in higher quantity are linked to cancer formation like lung, stomach, bladder, esophageal. These substances especially nicotine is of the e-cig component most warned against by health workers. It is highly poisonous to the body and causes lots of damage in the human body. The carcinogenic substance found in vape are formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

Cardiovascular Risks

Cardiovascular health risks associated with vaping are diseases of the heart and blood vessels. They are linked to nicotine as the culprit to people who already develop cardiac disorders. In addition, these facts are not much involved as compared to cigarettes smoking. E-cig use is being associated with increased odds of myocardial infarction when adjusted by other risk factors as reported by “Santon A. Glantz.” Arteriosclerosis is found in connection with vapers, which cause changes in the blood fats as a result of increased oxidative stress. Learn more.

• Inflammation

Vape tricks that involve taking in aerosols deep into the alveoli and then blow out the vapors through the ears or nose, has been reported to cause inflammation of the cells and tissues as reported by Rahman. Over time, exposures of vapor from vape could lead damage to the cells and its protective shield.


Smoking of e-cig or vape is dangerous to the human body on a longer exposure rate. An advice to smokers who plan to quit smoking and going into vaping should be careful about it. Although, Scientific studies are still going on in other to derive a more valid conclusion on smoking of e-cigs. These facts about the health risk of vaping are gathered from scientific reports and reviews from vapers.


November 8, 2017 Hope Gilbreath

There are several devices that are used when vaping is taking place. The devices help a lot in facilitating the action of vaping. Different vape devices fit in different vape desires of people who are vaping. Throughout the year more modifications of vaping devices have been made. Some have been made smaller and can fit to a person’s pocket. Mostly for those first timers it becomes difficult for them to decide on the particular vape device to choose that will help them in the life of vaping they have entered in. For one to get the best vaping device he or she looks into the basics and then goes deeper to the complex specifications.


These are features that must be in any vaping device and they are:vape tank, vape mod, vape coils, Batteries, and E-juice.

Vape tank

The tank basically carries the E-liquids, replacement coil head, and wicking material


This is the main source of power which powers the vaping device. There are different types of batteries like: internal batteries, and external batteries

Vape mod

The vape tank is attached at the vape mod and also it is the source of power because it is where batteries are put and where vapor is produced.


It is a mixture of liquids that is put into a vapor tank and the mixture is heated to produce vapor that is inhaled by users.

Vape coils

It is placed at the vape tank and it contains stainless wires that are attached to the wicking materials which are purely organic cotton. The cotton works by absorbing the E-liquid when the coil is heated which vaporizes the E-liquids. There is a perfect guide one has to use to choose the best vaping device which is: vape starter kits, regulated devices, and mechanical devices.

Vape starter kits

The starter kit enables one to purchase one device that is best for them and works perfectly for them. The vape starter kit is good for beginners or starters and they come in different types like vape pens, cig-a-likes, and eGo style device. These type of vaping devices are important because they have safety features unlike mechanical devices and they are extremely easy to use. They are portable and can charge via USB so one need not to worry about being out of power.

Regulated devices

These devices are not good for those who are starters because it is a customized device to suit the users. One gets to choose the atomizers of their own and also the coil of their own. Due to these advancement one gets to enjoy better flavors and more vapor production by adjusting the wattage.

Mechanical devices

The mechanical devices do not have any safety features since they do not contain any wire. They are definitely not recommended for beginner because one has to understand the safety of batteries. They are mostly preferred by the experienced because they are durable and can give a different type of vaping experience.…

September 30, 2017 Harvey Brown

According to American Lung Association, 20 minutes after quitting smoking your heart rate drops to a normal level. In ten years, your risk of dying from lung cancer drops by 50 percent, and in 15 years you are no more likely to develop heart disease than a non-smoker. These statistics show just a few of the many health benefits of quitting smoking. However, most likely you already know that quitting smoking improves your health. But you may be unaware of how quitting smoking improves other aspects of your life, like your wallet.

When you grab for a pack of cigarettes, you may not think about how smoking negatively impacts your finances. The less money you have saved, the less opportunities that you have available to you. Before you take another puff of that addictive cigarette, take a look at the ways that it financially handicaps you.

Monthly Income

Most packs of cigarettes (which contain about 20 cigs) sold in the USA average out to about $5. Many smokers go through a pack in a day or two. If they smoke a pack every day, this averages out to about $35 a week, $140 a month, and $1,680 a year. That may not seem like a lot but think of what you could put that money towards instead.

  • A new car
  • A Forever21 shopping spree, which involves using additional coupons to save
  • Saving up to move out
  • Part of a college fund
  • Part of a house payment
  • A new computer
  • A domestic trip
  • A trip abroad
  • Home repairs

The list goes on and on. The part of your  monthly wages that you use for cigarettes could go towards funding one of your dreams.

Medical Expenses

Smokers pay more in medical bills, premiums, and medication. Smokers are at a higher health risk than non-smokers so insurance companies charge accordingly. Additionally, smokers often experience smoke related illnesses, which cause them to have surgeries and take certain medications. A few of the illnesses that smokers are at a risk of developing are lung cancer, diabetes, liver cancer, and heart disease.

Smoking also lowers your immune system’s ability to fight off infections and colds. This means you will end up having to pay more for flu medicine and antibiotics. Smoking also causes fertility issues, especially for men. Therefore, if you’re planning to have children and continuing to smoke, you will probably have to seek a fertility specialist, which will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The desire to smoke produces many medical burdens that could end up costing you anywhere from $1,000 to $150,000 in medical expenses.

Common Smoking Costs

Smoking also costs you in little common everyday ways. Many bars and establishments have a no smoking policy. If you’re caught smoking, you risk a huge fine. In addition, if you really want to smoke inside a bar, you have to travel to very niche places that charge more than the average bar or restaurant.

Smoking also lowers the resale price of your car and home. Smoking leaves an odor in homes and vehicles that is hard to remove. It also discolors wallpaper and paint. You could lose thousands trying to resale property that you have smoked in for years.

Cigarettes also leave an odor on your clothes. This increases your laundry bill each week or month; you also may need to replace wardrobe that just can’t seem to lose the smokey smell.

Smoking may be enjoyable but it is not only causing you health issues, but hurting your financial stability. Isn’t it time you consider freeing yourself from your nicotine addiction?



August 19, 2017 Hope Gilbreath

Who doesn’t want to buy the best vape pen? When you buy the best then you know you’re getting great value for money. What is more, it can put your mind at ease knowing you haven’t wasted money or energy buying a device that isn’t able to do the job. However, when you’re just starting out with these devices and have no clue whatsoever about them, where do you start? For most newcomers, they’re lost within a second and it’s understandable but it doesn’t have to spell disaster. So, how can you choose the best vape pen when you’re a rookie?

Learn the Basics

If you’re new to the whole vaping experience then you are best educating yourself on these things. It’s not the most appealing part of the process and yet it’s the most important part so that you know what to look for so that you don’t waste time or money buying the wrong device. It’s easy to buy a starter kit or pen but it’s more important to buy the best vape pen. When you know a few simple things you can actually find going online or to a shop and looking for the one that best suits your needs is easier.

You Must Look At the Battery Life

Depending on how you’re buying your device, you need to take a very good look at its longevity, especially with the battery. Batteries can often run away and if you’re using the device a lot you want to ensure it’s going to be sufficient enough to do the job. You don’t want to be charging up every hour to smoke once so you must take a very close look at the quality of the battery and its battery life as a whole. Usually, batteries will last if they are of good quality which is always wise to remember when buying vaporizer pen devices. See  more here

Starter Kits Are Usually Good Value for Money

Your best bet has to be starter kits. These kits are useful in so many ways and probably will save you a lot of money in the long-term too. For example, you can get the battery the device and some e-juices or cartridges to get you started. You might pay slightly more but you get a better deal in the long run as you don’t have to buy each thing separately. There is money to be saved and the best thing of all is that you don’t have to go in search of a matching battery as usually one or sometimes two is provided. You can, of course, buy the vape pen and other things separately but sometimes it’s easier to choose the starters kit.

Only the Best Will Do

Consumers are always looking for the best deals but sometimes you have to pay a little more to get a quality item. With vaporizers, you really should be buying a top quality device so that you don’t risk your safety or money. It might sound a little over the top but in truth, it’s the best advice you’ll get. Sometimes you get what you pay for and if you are far too cheap, you might not get a device that lasts. Buy the right vape pen for you. see more this site:

July 25, 2017 Hope Gilbreath

Do you think a pen vape will help you? To be honest, when it comes to smoking, a lot of people think there is no effective way to actually give up. Now, not too long ago, there was a major health kick in which people wanted to give up smoking but most people struggled to do so. It was extremely difficult to just stop smoking even when you have smoked for only a short period of time. However, it is very much possible to give up smoking without falling back into the old habits.

Vaping Is Ideal

Trying to give up cigarettes is not easy. You can absolutely do your best to go cold turkey and maybe for a few days you succeed but after a few days, maybe a week or two, it all goes wrong. In truth, when you’re trying to give up smoking it’s not easy and even when you stop after a few days, you fall back into the old routine. However, vaping might just be able to avoid all this and more. Using a vapor pen can be the ideal solution and really something that might help you give up smoking entirely. More and more are looking to vaping and these devices can be the best options for many people too.

Isn’t A Vapor Pen Expensive?

A lot of people think that buying a pen vape device is a waste of time and money. It’s not hard to see why. Most people think since you are buying an electric device you are spending thousands and it’s going to end up breaking within a few months. However, while some bad devices are like that, there are many good quality devices that are affordable. Vapor pens are useful in a variety of ways and really you can enjoy using them more and more. What is more, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can find the pens are quite affordable even when buying a top quality device. visit us here!

Can You Really Kick The Habit?

vapingFor the most part, vapor pens can be the ideal solution to those trying to give up smoking. It isn’t always easy to give up smoking even when you’re determined to do so. However, when you look into vaping you can actually find a more effective solution to kick the habit. Vaping might not always appeal to everyone but it can certainly offer so much to so many. There has never been a better time to look into vaping and a vapor pen can be a great tool to use. You can actually quit smoking and on a full time basis too! get full reviews from

Enjoy Smoking – In a New Way

Smoking is something in which many people still enjoy but, for the most part, thousands want to give up. It’s a challenge to say the least simply because people love the feeling they get from smoking. So, does that mean to say you can’t get the same sensation? Well, you can but you don’t need to smoke. Vaping is the new way to smoke and it can be a lot healthier than traditional cigarettes to say the least. Buying a pen vape can be the best solution and really it offers something so simple without causing too much problem.…

July 25, 2017 Hope Gilbreath

Have you ever thought about using a vaporizer pen? To be honest, there are thousands who really don’t think or consider using one of these pens and yet they could be the ideal solution for those looking to give up smoking. When you have a terrible smoking habit, you need to look at ways in which you can give them up completely. It isn’t as difficult as you think either and as long as you have a few tricks up your sleeve, you could find it to be more than useful! So, how can you use your vape pen to give up smoking forever? click here for more!

Gradually Switch Over To a Vape Pen

Often, people start off smoking cigarettes when they are young and it becomes a habit for them. In truth, people think it looks cools but in reality they are not. However, when you have smoked cigarettes for years (and I do mean years) it can be very difficult to just give up over night. You can often struggle to overcome your habit but with a vaporizer pen you can often find it’s a lot easier. However, you need to consider gradually making the switch between traditional cigarettes and vaporizers. You don’t need to use this two or three times a day but rather once until you get used to using it.

It Replaces Traditional Cigarettes

Vape pens are really quite useful tools and they do like very much like a traditional cigarettes but they are supposed to be a lot healthier and safer too. That can be ideal for those who want to get the same kick from vaping than they do with their cigarettes. However, with a vape pen you can find it looks and feels like a traditional cigarette. It can replace your cigarette and that is a simpler way to quit smoking for good. get interesting report from

You Don’t Crave Cigarettes as Much

vapesVaping might not appeal to every smoker but that doesn’t mean to say they can’t work for you. You can use a vaporizer pen to help give up and can, in fact, you get used to them so you don’t actually crave traditional cigarettes as much either. That can be ideal and really something which will help those struggling to give up the habit for good. Being able to stop your cravings will be the only real thing that actually works and it’s going to help you too.

Give Up the Bad Habits Forever

Sometimes, you are going to need a lot of help and support when it comes to giving up smoking and despite what you might think it’s not easy. You can’t just ‘give up’ overnight and sometimes you have to explore new avenues.
With vaping you can get a simple yet effective way to stop smoking and it’s not as difficult as you think. Vaping offers a simpler option for those struggling to give up and it can be more cost-effective too. Buying a vape pen can be very important and not too difficult either.…

July 25, 2017 Hope Gilbreath

Pod vape is very popular. There are now more and more people smoking than ever before and it’s a real problem. Thousands of people smoke on a daily basis but in truth most wants to give up. However, giving up cigarettes can be extremely hard even when you haven’t been smoking for decades. Giving up will take real time and a lot of hard work too which can be frustrating. That doesn’t mean you can’t give up but it is really difficult to do so. What are the types of effects you get from smoking and how can you use a vapor to stop smoking? check more from

Smoking Affects Your Health

First and foremost, smoking is bad for your health. Now, that might be a broad problem but more specifically you can absolutely find your lungs are greatly affected. The smoke really impacts the body in a variety of ways and it can be a major problem. However, smoking does have a lot of effects on the body which is why the best vape pen is highly sought after. More and more people are searching for a way to give up smoking and with vaping, it’s a simpler way. Of course, smoking does offer up some terrible effects but there are ways to hopefully help prevent and reduce some of the effects.

Swapping Cigarettes For Vaporizers Are Ideal

Vaping does offer a more effective way to give up smoking on a full time basis and while it’s not going to be a fast road, it can be achievable. It will take a lot of hard work and determination but it is very much possible to give up smoking. Vaping does offer a new sense of smoking but there are fewer health issues to come from it. Swapping your cigarettes for your vaporizers can be great and really a simpler way to quit smoking full time also. Buying a pod vape is something more and more consider today. You can get a vaporizer for very little. read the news here!

Using Your Vapor

smokingIn all honesty, you do not need to use a vapor on a daily basis you can slowly change over from cigarettes to vapor pens. The best vape pen can be the best tool when it comes to giving up smoking. Vaping takes away the need to smoke and you can find it’s a lot easier to handle too. It can take a little time to get used to vaping but once you do, you are going to enjoy it so much more. This is why more and more are choosing to vape than ever before.

Kick the Bad Habit Today

Smoking is a terrible habit. When you smoke, you can feel out of breath, out of shape and really unable to do the things you would like to do. However, kicking the bad habit is not always easy especially when going cold turkey but there are many simple ways to kick the habit. You have a variety of methods in which you can use to stop smoking and with a pod vape you can get just that.…